k8Chart. for Startups provides a globally distributed, scalable, highly available, and secure Helm Chart Repository for your team to:

Remember, the key goal of this service is to provide you with a private, secure, globally available Helm Chart repository. We provide sane defaults out of the box, so you can use as much of this service (or as little of it) as you need. Only a minimal amount of configuration on the machine running Helm changes is required to get started. See the Setup page for more information.

Technical details

chart repository is an HTTP server that houses an index.yaml file and optionally some packaged charts. When you're ready to share your charts, the preferred way to do so is by uploading them to a chart repository.

We provide a Helm API compliant chart server which supports standard API calls from both the Helm CLI and automated scripts. Our platform will handle the generation of your index.yaml on-the-fly. Simply push your Charts, and we’ll handle the rest.

An example of an end-to-end workflow is demonstrated on the Setup page.

More information

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